Wissenschaft & Forschung, KongresseKongresseCOP meeting Dec. 2012 (Russia)

A one-day workshop devoted exclusively to ovarian stimulation with GnRH-antagonists and corifollitropin alfa: 15 distinguished guests from Russia visited the UKL on December 5th 2012 to discuss the latest scientific data and evidence on  how to implement a patient friendly and safe ovarian stimulation for IVF. The release of the PURSUE Trial Data at the ASRM meeting in San Diego in October 2012 provided a good basis for interactive discussions on dose-response in ovarian stimulation in patients of advanced age.

Prof. Efstratios Kolibianakis from Thessaloniki University shared with us his latest unpublished data on the association of progesterone elevation and pregnancy rate in both GnRH-antagonist and GnRH-agonist cycles.

Prof. Safaa Al-Hasani from the UKL lectured on the place of vitrification in the cryopreservation of gametes and embryos. This was followed by well-conceived practical demonstration of the procedure in the IVF Laboratory.

Thanks to all participants for coming to Luebeck and for visiting our unit!